A new type
of online dating

PartyLife is a new type of online dating platform and social network specifically built for the nightlife & entertainment industry. Much more than just another dating App, PartyLife connects members with the hottest Clubs & Bars in their area, giving access to special offers & promotions along with the latest updates on nights and coming events. PartyLife is positioned to become the online Party Directory App that’s a “must have” for all lovers of the nightlife.


More than just a dating app

Online dating is one of the world’s fastest growing industries. PartyLife stands alone in bringing genuine added value to it’s members. The PartyLife Dating Platform offers many unique features that help it stand out in a crowded dating app market, but it’s the integration of the PartyLife Venue Portal that really sets it apart from other dating sites

Connect with the hottest
Clubs & Bars in the area

Search for guys & girls
by what Clubs & Bars they like

See What’s On each week

Access promotional offers like Digital Drink Cards & Entry Passes

Check In at PartyLife venues for FREE Credits

Advertising on PartyLife

The PartyLife advertising platform is much more than just a banner ad in an app. PartyLife offers Advertisers exclusive access and a unique opportunity to communicate directly to a clearly defined audience in a closed environment within the PartyLife App itself.

 To ensure relevancy for Advertisers, Venues and Members alike, Advertisers are from key industry segments chosen for their ability to provide genuine value to our PartyLife members. As such, advertising space is kept to a minimum and we work collaboratively with all Advertisers to deliver bespoke solutions.

Combined with real time reporting and regular communications we view our Advertisers more as Partners as we continuously work together to identify new and exciting opportunities for all involved.

Become a PartyLife Sponsor

Sponsor Profiles

Every sponsor has a special promotional profile that PartyLife members can view. Sponsor profiles include a logo or product image, a promotional headline and a description.

Promo Peeps

A special promotional message sent to members within the PartyLife messaging platform. Promo Peeps can be gender specific and are designed to help support the chosen sponsorship option.

Download Media Kit

Sponsorship Options


Flirts are fun little messages our members can send each other for free to let others know they’re interested.

PartyLife Flirts are by far the most used function on the apps & website.

8 Peeps / month

Top 40

Our Top 40 lists show the most popular Guys & Girls on PartyLife. Top 40 rankings are based on the number of Flirts & Emails received by each user. It’s a bit of fun, but is expected to become quite a popular section as competition for the top spots grows!

Top 40 lists appear on the Dating Homescreen of the apps & website. They are highly visible.

4 Peeps / month

Party Packs

PartyLife members must purchase Credits in order to email other members. Party Packs are Free Credits gifted by Sponsors. They are short term promotions with Free credits expiring after 7 days.

14 Peeps / week