Blocking or Reporting
other Members

Blocking Members

Sometimes people just can’t take a hint that you’re not interested!
No big deal – you can just block them from contacting you.

Blocking a member will mean they can no longer Flirt or Email you.

To block a member just go to SETTINGS in that member’s profile and select “block this member”. Once a member is blocked you will see the blocked icon beside their username – to unblock this member click on SETTINGS again and select “unblock this member”.

Reporting Members

You should report a member if they have been overtly rude or abusive towards you, are showing their contact details on their profile, are promoting or advertising other businesses in their profile, or if you think they may have a fake profile. We try to keep Party Life a fun and friendly environment for everybody to enjoy and we really appreciate your helping us do so.

You’ll find the Report Member icon just below a member’s headline on their profile.