Your PartyLife

Changing email & password

You can change your contact email address or password at anytime in the Account Details section of your profile.

Who can see me?

You decide who sees your profile on PartyLife.
There are three basic settings:

Visible – Everyone can see me You appear on all searches. This is the default recommended setting.

Private – You control who sees you You do not appear on any searches. Members only see you if you contact them.

Hidden – Chill out and take a break from all this PartyLife! Members can not contact you. You can not contact members You do not appear on any searches. We recommend this setting if you need to take a break from PartyLife. It’s a much better option than deleting your profile as it keeps all your settings and preferences in storage in case you ever decide to come back and Party again!

Top 40
– Allow my profile to appear in the Top 40 list
By default, your profile is set to appear in the Top 40 list for your City. You can change that setting here, if you like.

You change your visibility settings in the My Account / Who Can See Me section of your Profile.

Who can contact me?

You can decide who is allowed to contact you on PartyLife. You can be specific on things like relationship status, age, height, distance from you or even body type. The default setting here is that anybody can contact you, but if you feel that your getting too many contacts from members who don’t really match you, then try restricting your contacts!

You can restrict who contacts you in the My Account / Who Can Contact Me settings of your Profile.

A record of my credit purchases

You will receive a receipt by email for any credit purchase that you make but you can also view a list of all purchases made for your account.

You can view all credit purchases that you have made in My Account / Purchases section of your Profile.

Email Notifications

You decide what type of messages you receive and how often you get them. We recommend that at first you just leave the email notification settings to default until you get a better feel for how the site works.

You can change your Email Notification settings at My Account / Notification settings in your Profile.

Hide or Delete your account

Need to take a break from all this PartyLife?

Think about Hiding your account Instead of Deleting it. We put all your settings and profile information into a storage locker until you’re ready to dust it off and start Partying again!

Hiding your account (we recommend this settings)
• Members can not contact you
• You can not contact members
• You do not appear on any searches
• All your settings and profile information are kept

Deleting your account (No going back baby!)
All profile and account information will be permanently deleted