Chatting & Flirting

Flirting is Fun – and Free!

Flirts are a great way to let someone else know you’re interested in them. They’re free to send and receive.

You can reply positively to a Flirt by either flirting back or sending an email. If you’re not really interested you can reply with a Flirt that lets them down gently.

Always try and reply to any flirts you receive. It doesn’t cost anything and it’s good manners. If someone keeps flirting with you and doesn’t get the hint, you can always block them! To keep flirt-stalking to a minimum, you can only send a flirt to someone once a day.

Sending Messages

Fancy someone on PartyLife? Send them an email and get the conversation going.

Emails only cost 1 Credit to send and give you unlimited contact with that person for 30 days – more than enough time to get to know someone!

Replying to emails is always free – so don’t be shy!