PartyLife Credits

What are PartyLife Credits?

Stop flirting and get chatting!

Fancy someone on PartyLife? Send them an email and get the conversation going. Emails only cost 1 Credit and give you unlimited contact with that person for 30 days – more than enough time to get to know someone!


Members with 3 or more credits in their account get VIP status, giving them access to all sorts of extras like digital drink cards & entry passes to many of their favourite clubs & bars.

VIP members can also perform searches through our cheeky Sealed Section. The Sealed Section allows members to interact on a more “adult” level.

Credit History

Used & Unused Credits can be seen in the Credits menu on your profile.

Check in and earn Credits!

Earn credits for partying!

Yep, you read that right. Using the PartyLife mobile app, you earn PartyLife credits just for checking in at a PartyLife venue.

When you’re at a PartyLife Venue, open the side menu on the App and go to CHECK IN.

Earned Credits are found in the Credits menu on your profile.